Wednesday, 6 March 2013

First Year Timeline

You were born on  February 15, 2012 at 7:52am. You were 6lbs 11oz and 19 inches tall.
1st Bath - Feb 21
1st Doctor visit - Feb 22. 6lba 14oz.
Umbilical cord fell off - Feb 22
1st walk with the dogs - Feb 27
2 weeks old - 7lbs 8.5oz
Starting to react to loud noises - March 1
Met Great Grandpa Kellner, first outing- March 2
Met Great Grandma Toole - March 4
Met Great Grandpa Toole - March 8
1st shopping trip with Mom - March 9
Rolled over for the first time. Front to back - March 14

1st trip to the farm - March 17
Started sucking on your fists - March 24
1st smile - March 25
Went out and about ALL day 1st time - March 27
Tried your first bottle - April 4
Started baby group every Thursday - April 5
Watched Dad play hockey, you pooped on mom and I and had no change of clothes. Stuck at the rink with poop on me - April 7
1st Easter - April 8
Professional Family Photos - April 9
1st time you had friends over. Max and Holt - April 14

First vaccinations - April 16
Had bad reaction to your first shots for a couple days - April 18 to 20
SO many smiles today - April 26
Spent time in the hospital with your dad :( - April 27
Met Great Aunt Sherry - April 29
1st Vacation. Went to Banff - May 1 to 4
Starting to respond to toys - May 3
Slept 5 hours in a row - May 6
Making lots of noises. Lots of talking - May 8
Really discovering your voice today - May 10
1st giggle - May 12

Started sucking on top lip and making noises - May 17
Finally pooped after 8 days of no poop - May 18
1st nap in your crib - May 20
You LOVE your jumparoo - May 21
Started reaching and grabbing at things - May 23
Started grabbing onto your feet - May 28
Moved you from the bassinet to the playpen bassinet because you got too big - May 31
1st real laugh. Got it by playing peek a boo - June 2
Thought we saw a tooth coming in - June 3
Almost rolling from back to front - June 5
Getting more hair - June 6
Holding onto a toy. Loves his ball - June 7
You found your feet - June 11
Grabbing on to your feet and holding on - June 12
1st cold. Super stuffed up and coughing - June 13

You pulled of your socks - June 18
Still coughing and stuffed up - June 20
1st big belly laugh - June 23
Started strengthing legs and standing - June 26
You are yelling and making so much noise - June 27
1st Flight. Took a trip to Regina - June 28 -30th
1st time eating rice cereal - June 30
You are getting louder - July 3
Starting tl accept food, opening mouth - July 4
20 weeks - 14lbs 14oz
1st accident with the stroller. You were not hurt, Mommy was! - July 6
Second set of shots - July 9
Rolled from back to front - July 13
Started trying a sleep routein - July 13

Fell asleep on your own in the crib. Put you in wide awake - July 15
Diaper rash free to this point - July 16
Making new facial expressions - July 21
Making new noises - July 22
Refused to nap for the first time, all day and continued to fight naps all week - July 23
23 weeks old - 15lbs 14 oz
Started sleeping on your side - July 27
1st real food... sweet potatoes - July 28
Carrots - July 30
Super grumpy all day... carrots? - July 31
Your favourite book is Whinnie the Poohs Sleep Time Hum
Always sleeping on your side now - August 1
Rolling both ways no problem - August 2
Banana - August 3

Monday, 31 December 2012

Hunter and Hilo

It's been a week since we got back from a stay with your great Aunt Sherry. She did a wonderful thing and took Hilo into her home. You made Hilo very nervous. He could just not get use to you and now that you are crawling around and pulling yourself up on furniture he was even worse. He has snapped at you warning you to stay back a couple times, we were just so scared that he would some day take it past the point of a warning and actually bite you, or one of your friends. Because, its not just you baby, he doesn't like any kids at all.

We miss him so much still. He was such an amazing dog in so many ways, he just did not like kids, no matter how hard we tried. I love him, I always will. He is in a better home now then here though. Auntie Sherry has no kids, no stress, no fences, just a big open farm with lots of room for him to run and play. She takes him out 4 or 5 times a day to play ball and walk, that is way more then he ever got here. She has another dog "Jade" and they get along fine. Apparently they even cuddle on the couch together now.

Auntie Sherry will have to put Jade down soon because she has hip displaysa and it has gotten quite bad. When that happens Hilo will be a wonderful replacement for her and it will be so good for Sherry for have a new companion.

Auntie Sherry says he has setteled in just wonderfully, he is following her around, snuggling on the bed at night and acting like he is home. That is so good to hear but even now, it is hard to type about. I really miss him.

For the first couple days the house felt really empty, like something was missing. I couldn't even eat a yogurt without getting emotional...he use to lick the container out when I was done. Every single time I ate yogurt. I miss taking him out to play ball and I especially miss the cuddles and kisses, and how he use to follow me around everywhere!

I do however feel much less stress. I don't have to worry about him being around you when you are crawling around. I can actually sit on the floor and play with you without worrying. You are crawling all over the house and we no longer have to create a barrier between you and Hilo, just incase he was to snap.

This was so good in the end, for everyone including Hilo. I wish he would have been good with Kids. You two would have been the best of buds.

You still have Hana though, and she loves you dearly. You need to learn to be nicer to her though. You are too rough with her. We will work on that, even though she gives you kisses after you pull her ears and tail. Lol

Sunday, 15 July 2012

5 Month Birthday

Today is an exciting day for you! Not only are you 5 months old already (WOW) but today is the first time I put you in your crib wide awake and you fell asleep on your own.

I laid you in there, said go to sleep, kissed you and walked out. I checked the monitor after like 5 minutes and couldnt believe it. I had to come into your room and check. You were asleep! Good job baby!!! This make Mommy so happy!!

I noticed that you move around so much in your sleep, I was thinking this was why you were waking up so much, so 2 nights ago I thought I would take one of your musslin blankets and tuck you in tightly - snug as a bug in a rug - over top of your sleep sack (which is a new one because you outgrew your 0-6 months one). I have noticed a difference. You still wake up a couple times in the night every hour but its no longer an all night thing and the last 2 nights you slept from 5am to 8:30am. This morning you laid in there content just looking around and playing quietly to yourself until after 9.

This is a pic of you all tucked in tightly on your video monitor.

Its good that your sleeping habits are changing. If we keep getting up every hour for too much longer mommy is going to be even more of a gong show. The other day we left the house to go to your Grandma Kathryn's house and when we got there your Dad was pointing at me and laughing, I looked down and couldnt figure out what he was a laughing at. Then Grandma started laughing. I still couldnt figure it out until your dad said... "You have 2 different shoes on"...
Yep I sure did do that!!

I have also done some other things that has made your dad ask - "What is wrong with you?" So baby... please start sleeping better! Today is looking promising!

The other day you rolled over from your back to your front for the first time and it was in your crib. You only lasted a second or two then you rolled back over. Your Dad and Grandpa Ron were here. Mommy missed it, but thats ok. I get lots of firsts. You did that on July 13th.

5 Month Quick Notes:
- You are starting to get quite a bit more hair
- Now that you are eating rice cereal Mommy's stomach needs to get stronger, your poops are pretty bad these days. haha
- Drooling and chewing on things all the time. Always chewing on your hands and arms.
- You also love to chew on Mommys fingers and you eve growl when you are chewing sometimes.
- You are very loud. You LOVE to talk and yell and hear your own voice
- Your 4 month immunization shots barley even affected you. You were sleepy that day and night and then back to normal after that.

You love hanging out with Max! You guys are gonna be besties! Max is only 2 days older than you and you 2 basically do the same things at the same time!

You, Max AND Holt are 3 of a kind. Mommy, Amalia and Nicole all laugh about what you 3 are going to be like when you are old enough to really play.

Monday, 2 July 2012

PICTURES - The First Month

Big hand like grandpa
Mommy's little peanut
Daddy is so proud

Uncle Brett
Uncle David
Grandma loves me
Auntie Brittany
Poop Face??
Daddys Flames Fan
Great Grandma Toole
Sleeping on Dad
So CUTE!!!
I love to make this face
Whoops! hahaha
Great Grandpa Kellner


Look how big that soother is for your little face.
Teeny Tiny Feet
Dads favourite face
Sleeping with a pout
So content

I have decided I needed to start a blog. I have been writing in a journal and on the calendar but after reading "adventures in Geremialand" your auntie Denise's blog, I wanted to do the same. What a great way to ca ute memories and add pictures to go along with it. This way your grandparents and anyone else that wants to follow your every move can read too. First of all pardon my grammar and possibly spelling (I hope this thing has spellcheck) I am not perfect with this kind of stuff, but definately better than your dad. Haha. Today is July 2nd, you are 4 and a half months old and changing Every. Single. Day! 2 weeks ago you were 14 lbs and 10 ounces and 26" tall. Everyone that meets you for the first time says "wow, he is big!" I don't know really, I compare you to Max, Matty and Holt and I don't think you are much bigger than you should be at this age. You do have a wicked little pot belly and you are a bit taller, but nothing extreme. Right now you are laying in your swing fighting the need to sleep. You really like to fight sleeping unless you are in your stroller or in the car. If I leave you, without looking at you or talking to you (which is not easy btw) long enough you will cave and sleep! You are fussing, rubbing your little red half opened eyes and sucking your soother (which you only take when you are tired). Just sleep baby! Anyways, I have a lot of work to do on this blog. I want to transfer everything I have kept on you into this and I plan on starting today! Love you, Mommy (After about 10 min of fussing, you are finally asleep!) Put pic here